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The  work  of  LA  based  street  artist , Royal, is evocative &

focused, often characterized by a bold commentary on

privilege & power.  Royal's mural  & canvas es have been shown

both domestically & internationally, including Art Basel

and next to Blek le Rat, Retna, & Shepard Fairey.

Royal seeks to push on controversial narratives while playing

in the nostalgia of childhood. They have spent over three 

decades immersed in creating art. They have been deeply

influenced by Banksy and Andy Warhol. Royal believes that

when you combine accessibility to art, storytelling through

image  & raw truth-telling, street art has become the most

influential form of art in modern times.

Known for their use of icons both past and present, crowns &

hearts, comics & fresh phrases,

Royal signature is unmistakable. Their work has been

featured in Huffington Post, numerous commercials,

tv and film.